Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM Upgrade Services

We are upgrade experts for Microsoft Dynamics including the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Migration Program

Endeavour Solutions has been supporting Microsoft Dynamics for over 30 years.  Over that time we have performed well over 1,500 upgrades and implementations of ERP, CRM and Cloud applications. The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Migration Program is specifically for Dynamics AX and Dynamics CRM, but also has applicable steps for other on-premise systems such as GP and NAV.

Why upgrade to the latest in Microsoft Dynamics?
  1. You may be on an older version and need to upgrade as your current version of Microsoft Dynamics may be ending mainstream support.  Endeavour will still support your and your Business Applications, but Microsoft or your 3rd party add-ons may be ending their support.  Being off support presents risks associated with security, bug fixes and compatibility concerns.
  2. You may be seeking to be Cloud-hosted with new cloud productivity functions available in the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics 365.  If you are on Microsoft Dynamics GP, Dynamics NAV or Dynamics CRM, the new Dynamics 365 cloud platform may be of interest to you.  Cloud-based ERP and CRM applications from Microsoft are available on a subscription basis and include cloud-hosting from Microsoft Canada on Azure.
  3. New features and functions to support increased end-user productivity may pose a strong business case for upgrading.  Dynamics GP is a mature product and has an annual release schedule including new user-requested functions and a roadmap past 2024.  Dynamics NAV 2018 is the last version of Dynamics NAV before jumping up to the new Cloud-based Dynamics 365 Business Central. There are many functions in NAV 2018 that increase productivity over older versions such as NAV 2009 or NAV 2013.  If you are on Dynamics CRM 2016 on-premise, the latest CRM version of Dynamics 365 has many new features worth upgrading for, including a tight and stable integration with Outlook 365, PowerApps and SharePoint.
  4. Consolidate, modernize and replace older on-premise custom in-house applications with a common modern architecture integrated with Dynamics 365.  Examples include replacing and re-building apps made using FileMaker Pro, Visual Basic, Microsoft Access, D-base and even DOS, with Dynamics 365 and Power Apps.
Microsoft Dynamics ERP upgrade

With Endeavour you can Expect your upgrade to include:

  • A proper assessment of your needs
  • A scope and project plan to meet your objectives
  • A technical upgrade including pre-production and live production upgrade
  • Advisory Services to review opportunities for improvement including configuration, training and adoption of new functions.

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